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frequently Asked Questions

How long does the photo shoot take?
Newborn sessions generally take 3-4 hours. The session is completely baby led. For those four hours your baby becomes my boss. I go at their pace and pose them only in ways they allow me to. Nothing is forced and everything is done slowly and in small steps. Once I’ve got them in a pose and taken my shots we move on, but for each pose every limb is carefully placed. Depending on the baby it can sometimes take half an hour just to settle them into one position. The success of the session relies heavily on not trying to rush your baby. Please therefore make sure that on the day you can be flexible in terms of time and do not have to shoot off somewhere afterwards.  Sitter and cake smash sessions generally take up to an hour and a half.  

When should I book?
I have two young children myself and divide my time between them and my photography, so I am limited to how many bookings I can take on each month. I therefore recommend that you book your photo shoot as soon as possible to secure a slot. For a newborn shoot this can be any time from your 20 week scan onwards. If you would like to book a sitter session in advance I will reserve you a slot around the 8/9 month mark. If as we approach the session date you find that your baby needs a little more time to perfect their sitting please let me know and we will push your session back accordingly.   If you are looking to make a last minute booking for any of my sessions please do still get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate you.

When will I receive my photos?
A gallery usually takes me two weeks to complete. Therefore please expect to receive your photos around two weeks from the date of your session.

Will my baby be safe?
Absolutely! I treat the safety and comfort of your baby very seriously, this is more important to me than anything else. I am a member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association (BANPAS) who promote safe working practices in newborn and baby photography and I have been trained by the co-founder of BANPAS.  The safety of your baby is more important to me than achieving any pose or shot. My poses are simple and safe, but if a baby is not comfortable in a particular pose I move on. I can assure you that while you are with me your baby is in very safe hands.

How do I prepare for my session on the day?
For a newborn session I ask that you aim to feed your baby on arrival as this helps them settle into a lovely sleep. However I appreciate that this isn’t always possible and if you have to feed your baby before you set off please go ahead and perhaps give them a top up when you arrive at my studio.
It is also helpful to try and keep your newborn awake for a little while during the 2-3 hours before your session. Ways to do this include giving them a bath or letting them kick on their changing mat in just a nappy. This preparation all contributes towards us achieving the sleepy curled up newborn poses that we are aiming for.

What do I need to bring with me to the session?
For a newborn session please bring plenty of milk and bottles if your baby is bottle fed. A dummy is extremely helpful if you have one and I strongly recommend bringing one, however if you do not wish to use one don’t worry. I do not photograph newborns clothed so there is no need to bring any special outfits for your baby. The session takes up to four hours so please bring snacks/lunch with you to keep you going. It is also a good idea to bring some spare clothes for yourself just in case your baby decides to have a wee (or worse) during the parent shots!  For sitter and cake smash sessions please bring a drink and snacks for your baby, a dummy if they have one, plenty of nappies and any toys that particularly grab their attention.

What should we wear?
If you would like photos taken with your baby please be aware that clothing made up of busy patterns, large logos and bright/bold colours can often be overpowering in photos and is best avoided. My style of photography is very light and airy so my recommendation is to stick to solid neutral colours wherever possible, think simple - you can't go wrong with white, cream or light grey, but any neutral or pastel colours will work well.

I notice you mainly photograph newborns naked. What if my baby wees or poos during the session?
This happens a lot! In fact I’m always more surprised when a baby doesn’t have a little wee or poo during the session. And I can guarantee that if they are going to do it they will wait until I am holding them :)  Parents are always mortified when this happens but honestly it’s all part of the process and is nothing to be worried or concerned about. All of the blankets, wraps etc. that I use during your session are washed afterwards anyway, regardless of whether your baby decided to keep them clean or not.

Do you work weekends?
I do the majority of my work on weekdays, however I do work the occasional Saturday to accommodate parents who are unable to get to me in the week. If you require a Saturday slot please discuss this with me at the time of booking.

What if my baby doesn’t co-operate?
Occasionally a baby is having an off day and there’s not much we can do to turn it around. I do not push babies if they are unhappy to be photographed and instead we will reschedule your session and try again another day. This doesn’t happen very often so please do not worry unnecessarily beforehand. I only ever book one client per day which means for older babies (not newborns) I can schedule your session around their sleeping/feeding routine so that we get them at their happiest. During my first 18 months or so of being a parent I clearly remember how my son’s routine changed on a daily basis depending what time he woke up that morning. When I had to be somewhere for a particular time I got very stressed because it almost never worked out the way I planned and I would arrive with a tired and screaming baby. I vowed I would never cause this stress to my clients, therefore I am happy to be flexible and work with you to get a happy well rested baby, which always results in better images. So even if this means speaking on the morning of your session to finalise a time then this is not a problem for me. I always start newborn sessions at 10am because it is a longer session and newborns are much more settled earlier in the day.

Can you get rid of spots/scratches etc?
Yes absolutely. When I am editing your images I usually remove anything that is not a permanent part of your baby, e.g. spots, scratches, red patches, rashes etc.  I do not remove moles or birthmarks unless I am specifically asked to.  
If you haven't received a response to your enquiry within 24 hours please check your junk or spam folder as it has come to my attention that my emails occasionally get directed there.



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